Thursday, August 19, 2010

J'ai retourné!

I just came back from Las Vegas yesterday and I swear, it's like everyone says. It is certainly one of the oddest places I've ever traveled to. After having been a part of MAGIC for my job (which for those of you who don't know, it is the largest tradeshow in the world for retailers to gather and show off their new items before they even hit the market), I had a night to kill. After an exhausting day, me and my friend (the main person who was running our booth for the show) felt like wandering. Our first stop was the Bellagio. How could I pass that up? It was beautiful. Well worth the visit, especially for all the glass art by artist Dale Chihuly. A tidal wave of scents washed over us. The room was filled with the fragrance of flowers. Then we went into room beyond that. It was like walking onto the set of Ants on crack. Pictures to come, I hope.

When we went outside we were greeted with a show from the Bellagio fountains. Around this time, me and my friend were pretty hungry so we started walking, wondering what we would see next. If you haven't been to Las Vegas before, let me tell you it shines at night. Not just the lights, but the people. Everything changes at night, and the atmosphere is so quirky. It might not be my favorite place in the world, but it was certainly worth the trip. We eventually ran into the Harley Davidson Cafe, and as I should have expected of a biker cafe, they PILE food on. We couldn't even eat half of our meals.. oh so good for leftovers in the hotel.

I had about half an hour at the tradeshow the next morning, enough to get me and my friend breakfast, and then it was taxi-time. An eight hour plane trip back, and I'm home again.

So, as you can imagine, I have a little bit of free time and am sketching away at some new art. It's coming along well, and what I have, I'm happy with my results. Maybe a few scans are on the way as well...